Thermometrics laboratory has an operating range of -100 °C to +1200°C and is designed to support our research, and production operations. Calibrations are performed in accordance with ANSI Z540 and MIL-STD 45662 and are traceable to N.I.S.T. industrial specifications such as AMS, ASTM, DIN, IEC, and JIS are common knowledge among our calibration staff.

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Fixed Point Calibration System -

Points Available-

  • TPW (0.010 °C)
  • FP Gallium (29.7646 °C)
  • FP Tin (231.928 °C)
  • FP Zinc (419.527 °C)
  • Aluminum (660.323 °C)
  • Copper (1084.5 °C)

    RTD Calibration

  • Precision RTD calibration with ITS-90, IPTS-68, Calandar Van Dusan or Polynominal Chart
  • Industrial RTD Calibration with Data and DEviation from IEC-751
  • Meters, Transmitters & Switch Calibration
  • Thermistor & Bi-Metallic Calibration


    Fixed Point Calibration System-


  • Temperature Range (-100 to 660°C) Liquid baths are a temperature measurement and calibration tool used for immersing products and immediately exposing them to a very specific temperature. Liquid baths are often used for the calibration of temperature measuring devices such as thermometers, sensors, thermocouples and various other products.

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    Thermocouple Calibration

    Thermocouple Controlled Calibration Furnace and Bath

    Need the most accurate thermocouple calibrations possible? The Thermocouple Furnace gives you a broad temperature range to 1200 °C, and stability up to 0.05°C. Alternative calibration tools such as a sand bath or fluidized alumina bath have been used for calibrations up to 700 °C but with very poor comparative performance. Gradients of several degrees are common in a sand bath, along with poor stability, resulting in low-accuracy calibrations.